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Rabat Zoo is a large zoo consisting of many animal species and charming landscapes. The zoo is designed to suit the way animals-brought from all around the world- live. Savana, with its grass and plants, is one of the main parts of this park and contains elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, ostriches…  Atlas Mountains is another part, represented in hight rocks (14 m) and it’s home to many animals: Atlas lions, monkeys…  The Desert part includes sandy and rocky scenery, which is appropriate to desert gazelles, ostriches, leopards, fennecs and lizards. There’s also a humid part with several kinds of animals living there: African buffaloes, crocodiles, aquatic birds and hippopotamus. Visitors can see these animals face to face through glass windows. Rabat Zoo is where a rich fauna and flora live in harmony with nature.

Jardin Zoologique National S.A., Rabat, Maroc, Rabat, Morocco 10000
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