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Tangia is a deep-rooted Marrakesh meat dish, prepared in a vessel made of clay and is cooked in ashes by simmering for a long time. Instead of being cooked at home, it is traditionally brought to an underground-kiln-like oven to be looked after by one of the many experts who inherited this craft from their forefathers. Unlike other dishes, Tangia is known to be prepared by men rather than women.
People usually use veal; however, chicken, beef, sheep meat… are used too. The dish is of a spicy flavor due to using many and various spices, like cumin, ginger, salt, garlic… which makes it delicious and very popular among Marrakesh and Moroccan people as whole.
To foreigners’ good luck, it’s not served at home only, but one can order it in a restaurant as well.

Marrakech, Morocco 40000
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